Monday, May 18, 2009

I don't want to set the world on fire..

baby.. i dont want to set the world on fire.. i just only want to start...
a really big big flame in your heart.
I've lost all ambition, all worldly acclaim, i just want to be the one you love...
and with your admission, that you feel the same, i have reach the goal i'm dreaming off believing..
I dont wan't to set the world on fire.. but only just want to set a flame in ur heart oh honey...
sometimes i want to burn the whole world for it's never ending troubles..
but i found u in the middle of the world..
to be loved.. to be cared..
it made me want to build a fire that last.. im gonna pour gasoline, petrol, any flammable material.. and lighting up with a huge olympic torch..
just to get your heart to love me..
Please reply me with your love.. i sincerely adore you..